(Everything but my own music - mostly free tracks from other people. All about withstanding repeat listens, not about posting the latest thing.)

Heaps of music I liked in 2013


I'm sure in the next 6 months I'll hear a bunch of great tunes that were released in 2013, but anyway... here's a loose list of some things I really enjoyed this year.

Oscar Key Sung - 'It's Coming' (Australia)

Probably the song I listened to most this year? I dunno if that's true, but. Slinky Australian R&B.

This was free on his Bandcamp, but got pulled a few months after release, so I guess it's been picked up by some label who doesn't like that approach.

Production Value #3: Christoph El Truento

I've mentioned before I'm doing a series of interviews for The Corner, the latest one is up now and it's an interview with Christoph El Truento.  

First impressions of the new My Bloody Valentine


 MBV album cover

I was disappointed when I clicked play on the first track of the new album.  Even a bit angry.  I was trying to not think too hard, just let the music do its thing, but, well, I’m me. ;)  

Obsessively collecting music


So last Saturday I wrote on Facebook and Twitter about trying to listen to the music I already had, since I have more than I can possibly get familiar with.

Then, in the last week, I received two CDs in the post (admittedly ordered before last Saturday), ordered a 7", downloaded two promo albums, a free album, two free EPs, and I think three individual free tracks.

I've listened through all of these things once (at best).

Some music I've loved from 2012


Bla bla, end of year list caveats, all a load of shit, I'll find lots of 2012 stuff I love in the next coming years and dismiss everything below as faddish rubbish...  Granted.

So, a few things that stick out in my mind, anyway.   I also played a bunch of stuff from this year on the radio relatively recently - a couple of week's ago and back in August.

Guns in New Zealand


The most recent mass murder of kids in the States has resulted in the inevitable internet arguments about mental health, gun control, a country that's turned its back on God, and so on.

A lot of the arguments really drive home for me how different my worldview is from many Americans, often due to the practical experience that drives my assumptions.  I've had a few of those "oh wait, you're starting from that assumption?" moments recently, so thought I'd just note some of my experiences in NZ regarding guns and gun law.

Production Value: some interviews I'm doing for The Corner


Guess I'd better blog a bit about some other stuff since I stopped doing those weekly mp3 posts.

End of October I started an occasional series of interviews with New Zealand producers for the website The Corner, called "Production Value".

First up was Sable, a house-influenced producer from Auckland.

Second, just this morning, is S.F.T., a hip-hop producer from Auckland.

No more weekly mp3s (and full list)

So, back in April 2008 I started doing these Weekly MP3 posts, with a write-up of Dntel's 'The Distance'.  I've had occasional comments and a few friends in real life said they found lots of interesting music through this, but I'm done.  Got plenty of other stuff I'm doing, and will continue to link to lots of free stuff through my radio show playlists.

Weekly MP3 #236: jj - Ecstasy

JJ band photo

Appropriately blissed out Swedish rejig of  Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop', free from Betterpropaganda.

Weekly MP3 #235: Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - Colours

Delia Derbyshire with tape machines

One of my listening highlights this year was this 1964 electronic radio broadcast, archived in its entirety on the art website UbuWeb as a free download.  Here's a Youtube clip to listen to as well.

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