December 2009

Weekly mp3 #89: Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even (Club Version)

Label of the original 12 inch single, showing this mix

The Fader was one of several sites that linked to this tune in 2009, although it's from 1982...

Some music I liked from this year

Kind of hate how seriously end of year lists seem to get taken, but on the other hand I do like to hear people's recommendations, especially if they wouldn't give them otherwise... So...
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Weekly mp3 #88: Pierre Omaar - Neon Heatwave

Not sure why I've never posted links to mystery man Pierre Omaar and his release for Angry Rabbit, downloadable via the Internet Archive.

Weekly mp3 #87: Pellarin & Tiger Baby - One Day It's You

Promo pic of Tiger Baby with nerdy bods blurred in background and female singer up front and in focus

This is on a self-titled Pellarin EP that was released in 2004 by the net label Observatory Online.

Weekly mp3 #86: Kindness - Gee Up

Another one from RCRDLBL.

Black and WTF - amazing photos

I've become semi-addicted to this Tumblr thing, Black and WTF.

Some sample pics...

Pic from Black and WTF

Pic from Black and WTF

Weekly mp3 #85: Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizou) (Joker & Ginz Remix)

Zero 7 promo pic

You can get this from NME's MP3 of the day. NME has sucked a lot for at least a decade - their editor doesn't even describe the magazine as a music mag anymore - but there are occasional goodies to be leeched from them.