June 2010

Weekly mp3 #111: Holden - Triangle Folds

James Holden, with tree

Meh, the promo page I was going to link you to for the free download now demands an email address. It didn't use to. Alright, try RCRDLBL.

How could you do a parody of this?

Check out this company, EFFALO.  Their slogan is:

think hyperglobally, act microlocally

and their charter, I guess, is:

EFFALO was chartered to synthesize, modulate, and deploy multimodal emergent systems that encourage interaction on a hyperglobal level. given the immense scale of this task, we maintain that distributed microlocal interaction is the most effective method for multiplexing a higher-level vertical adaptation.

Weekly mp3 #110: Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

Aloe Blacc candid shot in a train station in Russia

XLR8R again.

Upbeat, throwback soul number. But actually good. Piano-led, with a big horn section, but basically it's all about Mr Blacc singing the blues. His voice is fantastic, reminds me quite a bit of Bill Withers, but the driving beat's more energetic than any Withers track. Nothing in the track stops it from sounding like it's the 70s.

Weekly mp3 #109: Poirier - 90's Backyard (Wildlife Remix)

Promo pic of Ghislain Poirier

Hugeness via RCRDLBL.

Your computer screen can wreck your sleep...


So there's this vague dose of evidence that suggests that blue light (e.g. the frequencies of light that make the sky blue) suppresses melatonin generation.  Melatonin being the hormone that zonks us when it's time for beddy byes. 

Weekly mp3 #108: Poland - AUSLAN

promo pic of Holly / Poland

Get this from the Australian netlabel Pocketclock.

Weekly mp3 #107: Memoryhouse - Lately (two versions)

 Promo pic of Memoryhouse

Pitchfork has two versions of this track - Deuxième and Troisieme. I can't decide which I like more, so it's lucky I don't have to.