July 2010

Weekly mp3 #115: Touch Typist - Late of Light

Touch Typist playing a gig

Get this from Who The Bloody Hell Are They?, that Australian blog I mentioned months back with that Danimals track.

Weekly mp3 #114: Marihiko Hara - Modena

Marihiko Hara pic

Zymogen released this track (and the whole album it's from) for free.

Weekly mp3 #113: Audiophyla - Suturist

An Audiophyla promo pic that may or may not be the producer himself

Part of a free EP, 'Audiophyla III - Quarkestra'. You can have a listen here too:

The Chinese army doing Beat It

Yes OK, it's a mash-up, but it's pretty funny.  They repeat some of the footage too much, but it's worth holding out for Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo.

Weekly mp3 #112: Asura - Manzanita

Ryan York, with hedge

Get it on the Non Projects label site.

Submerged Beach Boys vox and a bit of clean electric guitar serves an intro.  Then stuff goes suddenly kind of like Boards of Canada with a bright synth bass part, unintelligible spoken word stuff and a glokky beat. Glokky! The guitars and sung vox come back in as synth arpeggios stagger and stutter about it.

There's actual verse and chorus action, and - shit - a solo!