October 2011

Weekly MP3 #180: Reefer - Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix)

The guys from the band Reefer


This remix is amazingly remote from the original lilting, guitar-led sing-along.  But its weird hard-to-pin tempo etc. is pretty great.

Weekly MP3 #179: Mount Pleasant - II Tough II Dance

Mount Pleasant playing live and looking quite serious

Christchurch indie-dance eclecticism, courtesy of the Mount Pleasant Bandcamp page.

Weekly MP3 #178: A Lull - Weapons For War (Houses Remix)

A collage of the faces of the members of the band called A Lull

Slow-building scuffed bliss pop singalong posted in February at XLR8R and also on Houses' Soundcloud.

Weekly MP3 #177: Seefeel - Dead Guitars

Promo pic of the band

A weirdly jagged ambient dub number, heavy on the dread, and available from NME of all places.  Unique.

Ridiculous maths captcha

 I've seen captchas with Chinese in them and Brahmic alphabets (can't tell you which, sorry) but maths formulae is surely the next level...

 Captcha I saw once and it was kinda far out