weekly mp3s

No more weekly mp3s (and full list)

So, back in April 2008 I started doing these Weekly MP3 posts, with a write-up of Dntel's 'The Distance'.  I've had occasional comments and a few friends in real life said they found lots of interesting music through this, but I'm done.  Got plenty of other stuff I'm doing, and will continue to link to lots of free stuff through my radio show playlists.

Weekly MP3 #236: jj - Ecstasy

JJ band photo

Appropriately blissed out Swedish rejig of  Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop', free from Betterpropaganda.

Weekly MP3 #235: Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - Colours

Delia Derbyshire with tape machines

One of my listening highlights this year was this 1964 electronic radio broadcast, archived in its entirety on the art website UbuWeb as a free download.  Here's a Youtube clip to listen to as well.

Weekly MP3 #234: Mad Opal - Sadhu

I'm suspecting Asian movie soundtrack samples on this hip-hop instrumental, from a free EP on Bandcamp.

Weekly MP3 #233: Balam Acab - Come True

Press shot of Balam Acab

Aqueous soundscape-maker Balam Acab gave this and another tune away via Twitter earlier in the year, but you can grab them from Pitchfork.

Weekly MP3 #232: Ollo - Full Stop Blue

Ollo promo pic

Slightly gloomy synthpop from Dublab's MP3 blog.

Weekly MP3 #231: Widesky - Lamb Country Tumbleweeds

Widesky playing guitar

Lovely countrified ambience, on a February 2011 EP up at The Internet Archive.

Weekly MP3 #230: Onra - My Comet

Onra blowing smoke out his nose

A great little beat that was onXLR8R 4 years back now...  It definitely still stands up now, which is my sole criterion for selection, really.

'Nuff said.

Weekly MP3 #229: Golden Hits - Webs

Some kinda expert ambient lounge action up on their Soundcloud.

Weekly MP3 #228: Active Child - Hanging On

Active Child promo pic

A sappy harp-led R&B ballad, which you can get from Gorilla vs Bear or below (although you'll need to sign up to RCRDLBL if you want to do that).