Weekly MP3 #180: Reefer - Let It Go (Flying Lotus Remix)

The guys from the band Reefer


This remix is amazingly remote from the original lilting, guitar-led sing-along.  But its weird hard-to-pin tempo etc. is pretty great.

Reefer are (were?) a duo comprised of a guy from The Unicorns and producer Daddy Kev.  Their album had a Kozyndan cover.  Album cover, I mean.  And a 'Blue Moon' cover.  Nice.  

LA resident Flying Lotus may be the most overrated producer since DJ Shadow (insofar as he occupies the same kind of hip-hop-producer-it's-OK-to-like-even-if-you-really-just-want-to-talk-about-Radiohead niche) but I grabbed this remix a couple of years back and still really like it.