Weekly MP3 #190: Mane Mane - Skin Fox

Mane Mane album cover or something

Stream and download this wonky beat from Mane Mane's Bandcamp.  If it doesn't come up as free, check the page for the EP it's from.  They post Mediafire linky there.

Happy new year, this is pretty joyous in its own lurchy way.  More of the "now, but pretty good really" territory I was equivocating over previously.  In this case "now" actually means last February, but never mind that...  

The artist's description on Soundcloud is pretty clear cut.

The hackney fox wonders the terrain looking for nibbles. Crunchy bit of deep fried brocccccc in orange juice. People know what to do - place that onna ground and let the good fortunes roll.

Take these shackles off my feet.

Not sure how you "wonder" terrain, I guess they mean like visualising imaginary landscapes or something. (That's what you call a fierce internet burn.)

Mane Mane is a duo from Atlanta, Georgia, made up of producers heRobust and C.Powers. Looks like the latter lives in London. This track's from last January, they also put out an album (not for free) in 2011.