Weekly MP3 #207: Gold and Soil - Magenta and Ochre and Turquoise and Amber

Gold and Soil promo pic

Spectacularly hissy, ambience with plenty of low-end looping business that showed up on the Non Projects label site a couple of years back.

The thing's almost like a suite - for an ambient track it's completely bereft of reverb and jumps about in volume kind of abruptly. It's lovely though. Like Fennesz et al the harmonic content is really pretty, just heavily distorted in multiple ways.

Since this was posted in 2010 it's come out that Gold And Soil is a collab between previously-blogged-about Asura and Ana Caravelle. He plays cello, she plays harp. It wouldn't surprise me if that's all we hear in the track, but who can say?