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Jet Jaguar remix of Benny Tones remix out now

Benny Tones - Chrysalis Remixes cover

It was a great opportunity to mess with the work of Benny Tones (who also mastered 'Four' for me), especially a track with the vox of Electric Wire Hustle's Mara TK on it.  Still pretty stoked with the results - hope you enjoy.

Expect 6 new Jet Jaguar EPs this year

I've decided for 2013 I'm going to upload a short release (maybe 3 or 4 tracks) every second month. Discussing mastering now.

There's definitely some other projects on the go as well, but I figure I can commit to at least this much.

End of year round up

 2 new albums, a single, a bunch of remixes, over a dozen free tracks, gigs in Auckland and Wellington... 2012's been alright, music-wise.

New, free Jet Jaguar track for Disquiet Junto 50

I've uploaded a new track for the Disquiet Junto, which you can listen to and download below.  It's based on the rhythms of Morse code.

The guts of the instructions for this week were to pick a word or phrase, turn it into Morse code and then make a rhythm using dots as short beats and dashes as long beats.

Free previously unreleased Fat Freddy's drop remix


In 2010 I did a remix for Fat Freddy's Drop that showed up on the single 'The Raft'.  At the time I actually did two versions, one of which never saw release.  So, yeah, here it is for free.

Free Jet Jaguar remix of Cold Eyes

 Cold Eyes' 'Younger' album cover

Wellington act Cold Eyes put out an EP called 'Young Adults' last month and has followed it up with a bonus release, 'Younger', which is packed with remixes and a few other unreleased bits.  Listen to my Jet Jaguar remix below or click the links in that last sentence.  (Duh!)

Free, all ages live set tomorrow afternoon

 I'm playing a free set in-store at Cosmic's Cuba Mall store this Saturday.  Come down for some or all of it.  Stuff on sale too, apparently!

Cosmic logo

1 hour Jet Jaguar live set

3pm Saturday, 8th September 2012

Cosmic, Cuba Mall

Facebook event

The Nark Collective Presents: JET JAGUAR + K*SABA & more

 The Nark Collective poster

Next Wednesday, 15th August, I'm playing another live set.  With K*Saba - we'll play a little together as well as separately - and DJ support from Marek, B-Lo and Beat Mob.


Facebook event link

Live set on Kiwi FM tonight

Electronic Music Show flyer

Tonight at 10pm (NZ time - check your timezone) The New Zealand Electronic Show on Kiwi FM is on, and you can hear my live set from last week's Wellington album release party.

Stream online if you like.  

Jet Jaguar 'Four' remix #7: K*Saba

I'm releasing 'Four' tomorrow.  Over the week I've been serving up each of the 7 remixes that make up half the tracks, along with the relevant original track.  At any time, check in on the Soundcloud set for the album to listen to all the tracks uploaded so far, including a free download of one of the originals, 'Awry Smile'.  You can pre-order the album as a $5 DL or $15 CD too.

Karnan Saba promo pic

Fuck this guy.  He goes and makes all these great beats, including an EP I was even kind enough to go on about last year.  I deliberately seek out beatmakers for remixes, setting up a nice angle for this release.  He picks the most Dilla-flavoured beat from the originals.  And then turns in a completely beatless remix built entirely around layering up heaps of horn parts.