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Disquiet Junto contributions

A couple of weeks back I started contributed tracks to a thing called the Disquiet Junto.  Mark from the Disquiet website has started setting weekly music-making assignments, basically.  

As you can imagine, the assignments are largely focused on making club bangers, with briefs like "got to fill the dancefloor before midnight on NYE".  

OK, not at all.

New Montano & Jet Jaguar albums this year

Just a bit of advance notice that I'm gearing up for at least 2 new albums this year.  Teaser tracks soon.

Montano's 2nd album is still mostly based around making melodic (or at least harmonious!) music mostly from a single field recording per track, but has quite a different mood from our last album.  The first album was when Shanan and I were both living in Melbourne.  This is a much quieter and sometimes moodier affair, and as well as using field recordings from 3 countries has a few "real" instruments too.

Jet Jaguar remix of Black Seeds available for free

Wellington-based reggae band The Black Seeds have released a free sampler of their tunes, (available until 31 December) which includes a remix I did for them back in 2001.

The Black Seeds' 'Pushed' album cover

Download from the link above, or listen to it here first if you like:

New Jet Jaguar release in the works

I've lined up a bunch of old tracks from 2005 to get remixed, and will be releasing them (with the originals) next year.

About this time 6 years back I'd finished what was going to be my fourth album.  For many reasons, it didn't happen.  I'm still very happy with some of the tracks, so have decided to get them out.  Limited run CDR w custom covers and online sales.

Gig this Thursday night

Bit of a last-minute call - am opening for Urbantramper & Fuyuko's Fables' show at Mighty Mighty this Thursday night, in Wellington.

One hour of stuff you've never heard before and will never hear again.  Starting bang on 9pm.

Urbantramper logo


Fuyuko's Fables

Another new Jet Jaguar track on Soundcloud

 This one's just to stream, trying out for Bleep's 'Filtered' promotion.

New Jet Jaguar track for download

 I mentioned on the weekend I was having a go at making a track solely from HISSandaROAR's Tortured Piano sample set.  I'm done already.  Here it is, for stream, or download.  

Abetting torture of a piano

 Music of Sound's Tim Prebble has posted a bunch of free sounds from a sample set he made called Tortured Piano.  He's made a remix competition of sorts out of it - encouraging everyone to get stuck in with making tracks from these (and only these) sounds.  

My vinyl + the Montano CD dirt cheap

Montano CD cover

NZ web shop Amplifier have announced a sale on Capital Recordings physical releases.  Capital released a lot of my different projects around 2003, so you can pick up almost all my vinyl releases for NZ $9.95 or the Montano CD for only $6.95. 

Montano CD

New tunes & a remix up on Soundcloud

Here's a tune I finished this year, which is pretty drunken.  I once wrote a track called 'Unco Drummer', this could be Part 2 of that.